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  • Channel News Asia Report On Sanitizing Robot by Weston Robot

    CNA's Report on Weston Robot Sanitizing Robot

  • Zaqy Mohamad Tries SuitX Exoskeletons from Weston Robot

    Zaqy Mohamad Tried Shoulder Support Exoskeleton 

  • Suitx exoskeletons by Dr Koh Poh Koon from Weston Robot

    Dr Koh Poh Koon Tried Shoulder Support Exoskeleton

  • 4G-Remote Controlled Mobile Sanitizing Robot Platform from Weston Robot Singapore

    Sanitizing Robot

    4G-based Remote Controlled Sanitizing Robot

  • Outdoor Autonomous Mobile Patrolling and Inspection Robot from Weston Robot Singapore

    Patrolling & Surveillance Robot

    Fully-autonomous Insepction Robot

  • Mobile Pick and Place Robot Arm Weston Robot Singapore

    Mobile Pick-and-Place Platform

    Easy-to-Use Mobile Pick-and-Place Robot 

  • suitx backx back support exoskeleton from Weston Robot

    Back Protection

    back support without battery

  • suitx shoulderX shoulder support exoskeleton from Weston Robot

    Shoulder Protection

    shoulder support for all-day work

  • suitX legx leg support exoskeleton from Weston Robot

    Leg Protection

    leg support for long-time squating

  • 4-wheel drive outdoor AGV/AMR robot from Weston Robot

    4-Wheel Drive Outdoor Robot

    4-wheel Outdoor Robot with ROS support

  • ackermann drive outdoor mobile robot from Weston Robot

    Ackerman Drive Outdoor Robot

    100kg-Payload for Daily Use Outdoor AGV/AMR

  • indoor mobile robot from Weston Robot

    Indoor Logitis Robot

    100kg-Payload for Warehouse Logistics